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Essential Oil List

Please use this list to choose a Essential oil to add to your customized product. Use the back button to enter your selection into the "Essential Oil Choice" text field before clicking the product's "Add to Cart" button.

Essential oils are plant-derived oils that are usually made by distilling the oil from roots, leaves and bark of a particular plant. If the scent you are looking for does not contain any oil (Such as "Rain" or "Peach) then we can offer you a fragrance oil instead. Fragrance oils are synthetic and are made specifically to have an appealing scent. Be wary of vendors who offer "essence" oils. These are simply fragrance oils that are trying to pass off as Essential Oils.



•Pink Grapefruit

•Bay Rum









•Bitter Orange








•Sweet Basil

•Cinnamon Leaf

•Litsea Cubeba

•Sweet Birch



•Sweet Orange

•Clove Bud








•Tea Tree

•Dragon's Blood








•Ylang Ylang

•Fir Needle

•Peru Balsam

•Frankincense •Petitgrain

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