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Herbal Facial Mask: Contains thirteen herbs in a buttermilk and oatmeal base. This is an extremely gentle but effective product that is not only an exfoliant but contains anti-oxidant herbs including
violet, echinacea, plantain, rose hips, comfrey and rosemary. Also contains a blend of skin-friendly essential oils. Mix with milk, plain yogurt or water and let it set up a bit.

Steam facial: Herbs to be added to boiling water in a bowl. Place a towel over your head to luxuriate in the cleansing steam. All of these herbs are astringent in nature. Do not use if you have rosacea or have vascular problems. Wonderful when followed with herbal facial mask with a yogurt base.


Facial Mask
5.3 oz Bottle

8 oz Refill

12 oz Bottle
12 oz Refill
16 oz Bottle
16 oz Refill

Herbal Facial Mask

Steam Facial Mask

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