My Lady's Chamber Presents
Scent Descriptions!
By popular demand!
This is a work in progress. Check back regularly for updates!

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Ancient Evenings - My Lady's Chamber's favorite scent and our very first scent ceation. Reminiscent of grandma's attic, of the ancient city of Petra, of a moonlit night at Amarna; Ancient Evenings is a dusty, musky, vaguely floral scent.

Unicorn - Our conception of the environment in which a unicorn might live. It's lush and floral with a hint of woods and herbs in its background, a unicorn freeing with each steep a wild and varied perfume as it ambles through untamed vegetation.

Thebes - A My Lady's Chamber favorite pick. Recalls the interior of a temple at Thebes: cool, arid and dark, filled with the aromas of exotic woods and resins. This scent is a mix of sharp, round and woody notes, but interestingly, its predominant impression is somewhat sweet, a result of the particular resin blend we use.

Megaleion - An ancient Greek perfume, popular around 260 BC. Pliny mentions its having achieved a certain celebrity, although the scent was no longer made by his time. In its day, however, Megaleion was an expensive, highly regarded perfume [megalos is Greek for "great"]. It is strongly spicy (it requires both cassia and cinnamon) and contains the deep, resiny bass notes popular in oriental perfumes.

Kuala Lumpur - At the heart of this scent is an Indonesian flower, which we have embellished with notes of coconut and orchids.

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