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After a long day refresh your skin using one of our many bath salts. Sprinkle them in a warm bath and enjoy not only the sweet-smelling vapors but also the exfoliating properties. We use both Dead Sea salts to ensure softening of the skin. Our bath salts come in six distinct varieties.
Or custom order your favorite Fragrance scented bath salts, select from our wide selection fragrance oils list. Prefer Essential oils? Choose from our essential oils list for a dollar extra. Order below.



Peach Bath Salts: Contains a blend of both peach and eucalyptus.

Tropical Storm: Our most popular blend contains several fragrance oils and distilled Lime essential oil. Lime acts as an additional exfoliant property of this salt.

Scarborough: Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme -- and Heather! This salt contains no synthetic oils and is made entirely from all natural salts and herbs.

Fleur de Lyonesse: A truly luxurious salt that contains several floral oils including Lavender.

Firebird: This particular salt acts as a counter-irritant soak. It contains peppermint and, wintergreen oils in addition to a blend of muscle-soothing herbs which includes juniper and eucalyptus.

Rain Barrel: Rain barrel is a crisp-scented salt that contains a refreshing blend of cleaning herbs that will leave you feeling fresh and invigorated.


Bath Salt Scent
Jar $9.00
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Peach Bath
Tropical Storm
Fleur de Lyonesse
Rain Barrel

Custom Scent your own bath salt!

Custom Scent

Custom Scented Fragrance Oil Bath Salt

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Custom Scented Essential Oil Bath Salt

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